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The Museum of Ceramics

"Dusty Old Thing: Feature member antiques (Sarah Vodrey discusses a Civil War photo), Dec. 5th" (Dec. 5, 2013)

"Dusty Old Thing: Feature member antiques (Sarah Vodrey discusses a Homer Laughlin Christmas Tea Cup), Dec. 4th" (Dec. 4, 2013)

"East Liverpool Review photo of our 6th Annual Kids Fall Funfest" (Oct. 27th, 2013)

"New Project to Equip Museum With Handicap Accessibility (Aug. 15, 2013, East Liverpool Review)"

"A Fiesta family: A new spin on a classic pottery business" (May 21, 2013, WFMJ News, Youngstown)

"Homer Laughlin Debuts New Color" (March 6, 2013, Morning Journal)

"Antiques Journal Museum of the Month: The Museum of Ceramics" (February 2013, Antiques Journal)

"Ohio Magazine: Best of Ohio" (January 2013, Ohio Magazine)

"Ceramic Hillbilly Hounds donated to the Museum of Ceramics" (Jan. 9, 2013, East Liverpool Review)

"East Liverpool Journal: Ohio Town’s Museum Preserves its Ceramics Heritage" (Dec. 30, 2012, Travel Writers Magazine, written by Ron Bernthal)

"The Road Less Taken: The Lincoln Highway in Eastern Ohio" (Oct. 8, 2012, Glory's Blog)

"The Legacy of Taylor, Smith & Taylor Pottery Lives On" (July 31, 2012, East Liverpool Review)

"Plate Turners of the World Unite" (June 17, 2012, East Liverpool Review)

"The Smart Collector - Pottery Marks Can Vary Widely" (March 24, 2012, StarNews Online)

Video of "Applause: The Ceramics Museum, KSU Fashion Museum, and Cowan Pottery" from WVIZ Cleveland (Nov. 10, 2011, Cleveland PBS Station WVIZ)

"Children Explore the Artsy Side of East Liverpool" (Oct. 10, 2011, East Liverpool Review)

Video of Museum Director Sarah Vodrey on Youtube talking about the museum and the history of pottery in East Liverpool (Aug. 31, 2011, by Brothers-Handmade)

"Columbiana County Ohio: An Americana Vacation" (Aug. 21, 2011, Washington Times)

"Vodrey: Tri-State area still No. 1 in Pottery-making" (Feb. 21, 2011, Wheeling Intelligencer and News-Register)

"East Liverpool, a molding experience" (Jan. 17, 2011, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

"Fabulous Fiesta" Exhibit opens at the Museum of Ceramics, celebrating 75 years of Fiesta Dinnerware (Dec. 23, 2010, Youngstown Vindicator)

Museum of Ceramics Celebrates its 30th Anniversary (Dec. 4, 2010, East Liverpool Review)

Rotary Supports Museum (Nov. 13, 2010, Lisbon Morning Journal)

Museum Fall Historic Lecture Series Opens with "From Earth to Earthenware" by Prof. Cheryl Mattevi (Oct. 22, 2010, East Liverpool Review)

Museum Receives Grant to Become Handicap Accessible (July 31, 2010, East Liverpool Review)

Museum of Ceramics Director Sarah Vodrey presents lecture at the Niles Historical Soceity on the history of art pottery in East Liverpool (April 6, 2010, Warren Tribune Chronicle)

Museum of Ceramics celebrates 100th Anniversary of the construction of their building in 1909 (Dec. 14, 2009, Lisbon Morning Journal)

Museum of Ceramics promotes new book: East Liverpool: Reflections of 200 Years" (Dec. 12, 2009, Lisbon Morning Journal)

Museum of Ceramics Funding television report (Jan. 2, 2009, WYTV Youngstown)

Museum of Ceramics continues operating following funding loss (Dec. 31, 2008, East Liverpool Review)

Museum of Ceramics Tells the Story of 'Crockery City' (Sept. 14, 2008, Youngstown Vindicator)

Changes at the Museum of Ceramics (June 4, 2008, East Liverpool Review)

Tenative Deal Reached for Museum Control (May 29, 2008, East Liverpool Review)

Ohio Budget Cuts Cause Crisis for Museum of Ceramics (May 20, 2008, AntiqueWeek)

The Museum of Ceramics is a hidden county treasure (April 27, 2008, Lisbon Morning Journal)

Museum of Ceramics, Love it or Lose it (April 23, 2008, East Liverpool Review)

Ceramics Museum Sent Reeling (April 12, 2008, Lisbon Morning Journal)


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The Museum of Ceramics Foundation is pleased to announce that by March 2014 (if not sooner) we will welcome visitors to our new ACCESS? ALL RIGHT! addition. Then we will finally have an elevator and an accessible restroom, after thirty-three years of only partial access. The short term bad news is that until the ACCESS? ALL RIGHT! project is finished, the Museum of Ceramics is inaccessible; there is currently no wheelchair access into the museum. We apologize for this short-term inconvenience, and look forward to welcoming you and your friends and family once we finish our project. If you had hoped to visit during this time, then do send an email with the number of people in your party to Sarah W. Vodrey at MuseumOfCeramics@gmail.com to receive a special get in free coupon for later.