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DECEMBER 2014    
Closed for construction. Gift shop will remain open through December 20 (Saturday), from 9:30am-3:30pm (closed Sundays and Mondays). The remainder of the museum will be closed starting December 9, 2014, and will reopen May 4, 2015.
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7th Annual Kids Fall Funfest (Oct. 25, 2014): Over 50 children attended this year, along with more than 40 adults!! The most fun was had at the potter's wheel, where kids could get messy trying to mold clay just like an actual potter. One little girl got a bottle kiln painted on her face--how classic. There were games and movies and crafts and treats for everyone. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Ohio Valley China Collectors' Convention (June 19-22, 2014): collectors of Ohio pottery from all over the country met once again in East Liverpool to celebrate the great pottery tradition of the Ohio valley. Museum director Sarah Vodrey and her husband Jeff Hendrickson presented lectures about local toilet ware and shaving mugs. They had their usual welcome dinner at the Thompson House, breakfast at Adrian's Restaurant, silent auction at the Salvation Army hall, tours of the Museum of Ceramics and the River Museum in Wellsville, and a buffet dinner at Ponderosa. This may have been the last OVCCC, so if you have any desire to help keep it going, call Sarah at the museum and help make a plan for next year.

Tri-state Pottery Festival at the Museum of Ceramics (June 12-14, 2014)

National Shaving Mug Collectors Association Convention (April 25-26, 2014): dozens of collectors of rare fraternal and occupational shaving mugs gathered in East Liverpool to learn about the museum's unique collection of mugs and hear Sarah Vodrey and Jeff Hendrickson lecture about the many East Liverpool potteries that made shaving mugs in late 19th and early 20th centuries.

6th Annual Kids Fall Funfest (Oct. 26, 2013): over 80 kids and adults attended this year, with crafts, games, claymation movies, scavenger hunts, and more.

"Cracking the Color Code" Art classes by Barrie Archer (October 2013)

June 20-22, 2013 - Ohio Valley China Collectors Convention

September 2012 - September 2013: "From Ware to War: Columbiana County & the Civil War"--a special exhibit dealing with area potters and residents who fought in the Civil War, in honor of the ongoing sesquicentennial of the war, which lasted from 1861-1865.

5th Annual Kids' Fall Funfest (October 13, 2012) -- crafts, scavenger hunts, toys, balloon animals, facepainting, special movies, great fun for all ages!

December 2010 - December 2011: "FABULOUS FIESTA!" exhibit. Seventy-five years ago, Homer Laughlin China Co. introduced what was to become the most popular dinnerware in America:  Fiesta®.  It was designed in 1935 by Frederick Hurten Rhead, art director at Homer Laughlin, and production began in 1936.  Fiesta® stands as the epitome of Art Deco style.  Fiesta® was discontinued in 1973, but was reintroduced in 1986 and has been in continuous production since then.  Thanks to the efforts of many collectors, the Museum of Ceramics was able to display a wide variety of rare and collectible pieces of Fiesta ware spanning the entire history of its production, along with vintage posters, signs, and other related items.  In 1996, Homer Laughlin created a limited edition Raspberry Presentation Bowl to commemorate the 500 millionth piece of Fiesta® Dinnerware, and one of these bowls was also part of the exhibit.

Fall 2011 Lecture Series
  • December 3rd: Over 60 people attended our "150th Anniversary of the Civil War Seminar" (lectures by noted Civil War experts William F.B. Vodrey and Timothy R. Brookes. Vodrey discussed the stories of Ohio's governors during the Civil War. Brookes shared the personal letters and newspaper reports of local civil war soldiers. Vodrey is a Cleveland City Magistrate, and Brookes is an attorney and president of the East Liverpool Historical Society)
  • November 3rd: "Trenton and East Liverpool: Connections and Contrasts" (lecture by archaeologist/consultant Dr. Richard W. Hunter, Ph.D., RPA, discussing the parallel histories of these two great pottery cities--Dr. Hunter is president of Hunter Research)
  • October 22nd: "Ghosts of Patterson Field: the stories of Cy Young, Bob Boston, Woody Hayes, Lou Holtz, Larry Bruno, General Bob McCoy, Admiral Dan Cooper, and famous sports personalities and their connections to East Liverpool" (lecture and multi-media show by Frank C. Dawson, local businessman, author, and sports historian)
  • September 3rd: "Tiny Treasures: The Art of Collecting Occupational Shaving Mugs from the 19th and 20th Centuries" (seminar by Jeff Hendrickson, Staff Attorney at the Seventh District Court of Appeals, and Vice President of the Museum of Ceramics Foundation)
  • August 27th: "Fabulous Fiesta: The History of Homer Laughlin China Company's famous Fiesta Ware" (lecture by Dave Conley, Director of Retail Sales and Marketing at Homer Laughlin China)
4th Annual Kids' Fall Funfest (October 8, 2011)
  • Over 100 people attended the Funfest this year! It was by far the biggest turnout yet!
  • There were 2 craft projects, claymation movies, storytime, and scavenger hunts
  • Kids got to have their faces painted and have a personal balloon animal made for them
  • Jeff Hendrickson brought out his unusual wooden toy collection again
  • You could get messy on the electric potter's wheel, or try operating the giant potter's wheel from the 1850s
  • Read more about it here: "Children Explore the Artsy Side of East Liverpool" (East Liverpool Review, 10/10/2011)
July 22, 2011 - Homer Laughlin China Collectors all day event

June 2011 - Ohio Valley China Collectors Convention

Spring 2011 Lecture Series
  • June 21st: "It's a Zoo Around Here: Animals in the museum's collection" (lecture by Museum Director Sarah Vodrey).
  • June 24th: "The Story of Eva Zeisel" (lecture by Dr. Margaret Carney, curator of the Blair Museum of Lithophanes in Toledo, Ohio).
  • June 24th: "Hall China Utility Ware" (lecture by Barbara Johnston and Dave Preston, Ohio Valley China Collectors Assoc.).
COLLECTORS CHOICE club meetings in 2011
  • December 3, 2011: American History
  • November 3, 2011: East Liverpool versus Trenton
  • June 21, 2011: Animals on your shelves
The Museum is for Kids 2011
  • June 18th: Make It and Take It pottery class
  • June - August: Kids Clay Camps--four different sessions for kids from first through twelfth grade.
  • New "It's a Zoo Around Here" scavenger hunt
December 4, 2010:  "THRILLED TO BE THIRTY: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Grand Opening of the Musuem of Ceramics"
  • Over 90 people gathered to pay tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Museum of Ceramics, which officially opened on May 31, 1980
  • Commendations were presented by State Rep. Linda Bolon, State Sen. Jason Wilson, and County Commissioner Penny Traina
  • Guest speakers included Rev. Jeff Baker, Jackman S. Vodrey, Mayor Jim Swoger, Tim Brookes, George Kane from the Ohio Historical Society, and the original director of the museum, William C. Gates, Jr.
  • Special music was provided by Dr. Allison Miller on harp
  • Pete Wicks, vice president of Homer Laughlin China Co., introduced the museum's new Fiesta® Dinnerware exhibit, and the ribbon cutting was done by Katie McIlvain
New COLLECTORS CHOICE group started in May 2010
  • Nov. 20, 2010: sharing pottery with a holiday theme
  • Oct. 9, 2010: "Fall colors and fallen pottery"
  • May 29, 2010: Introduction to Collector's Choice: bring a piece of pottery and a story to go with it
Fall 2010 Historic Lecture Series
  • October 23rd: "From Earth to Earthenware: The role of geology in our ceramics history" (lecture by Prof. Cheryl Mattevi). Prof. Mattevi teaches geology at Kent State University. She explained how continental drift, glaciers, erosion, and many other geologic factors affected eastern Ohio and provided the conditions for the success of the pottery industry starting in the 1800s.
  • October 30th: "Of Cannons and Kepis: Civil War Artifacts in the Museum of Ceramics" (lecture by East Liverpool Attorney Tim Brookes). This lecture highlighted documents, photographs, and various objects from the museum's collection that date from the Civil War era, as well as revealing that some supposed Civil War items are actually from a later time period.
  • November 13th: "Eldreth Pottery: A Bridge Between Traditional and Modern Pottery Production" (lecture by Attorney Jeff Hendrickson). A close look at Eldreth Pottery in Oxford, PA, which produces traditional Pennsylvania Dutch ware using both modern and traditional ceramic techniques.
October 29, 2010 - FRIGHT NIGHT 2 AT THE MUSEUM

3rd Annual Kid's Fun Fiesta (October 2, 2010)
  • Over 80 people attended the fiesta this year!
  • We added some new activities including two different clay crafts by Barrie Archer and Sarah Vodrey, and storytelling by Burl Warrick
  • Children and adults alike enjoyed our scavenger hunts, claymation movies, face-painting by Brad Cowsert, and Jeff Hendrickson displayed his wonderful wooden toy collection again.
July & August 2010: First Ever "Kid's Clay Camp"
  • 3-Day camp held at the museum with instruction on pottery production, history, design and decoration, led by Barrie Archer and Sarah Vodrey
  • Kid's created orginal pottery from knowledge gained from the museum's collection, with an art show on the final day of camp
  • Over 30 children participated from grades 4th through 8th
  • Cost of the free camp sponsored by the Jason Miller Fund
July 2010 All-Class High School Reunion Celebrations
  • Over 1,500 people from 39 states and 7 countries visited the museum in 3 days!
  • We broke records for daily attendance three days in a row!
  • Pottery throwing and turning demonstration by Barrie Archer
  • We introduced our new "Clay Chronicles" program
  • We raised $1,000 toward our elevator project
June 2010 Ohio Valley China Collectors' Convention Lectures
  • "Great Moments in Ceramic History," by Dr. Margaret Carney. Dr. Carney holds a Ph.D. in Asian art history, an M.Phil. and Master's in Asian Art History and a B.A. in anthropology/archaeology. She currently serves as curator of the Blair Museum of Lithophanes in Toledo.
  • "Majolica Ware", by Bill Gray, co-author of Harker Pottery: From Rockingham And Yellowware to Modern".
  • "Rockingham", by Donna Gray, co-author of Harker Pottery: From Rockingham And Yellowware to Modern".
Spring 2010 Historic Lecture Series
  • June 12th: "Tantalizing Toilet Ware" (lecture by Sarah W. Vodrey, museum director). Ms. Vodrey discussed the extensive collection of toilet ware sets in the museum, explaining the rise and fall of this type of pottery, the utilitarian and artistic aspects of the pieces, and related fascinating stories, such as the infamous New Orleans chamber pot from the Civil War featuring the face of General Benjamin Butler at the bottom.
  • April 10th: "The Art of Roland Schweinsburg" (lecture by Meredith Keenan). Ms. Keenan is a former student intern at the Museum of Ceramics, and is now a Geneva College senior majoring in history. She presented a program on the work of Youngstown artist Roland Schweinsburg, and the larger context of his work as part of President Roosevelt's 1930s relief programs. The museum contains almost two dozen works by Mr. Schweinsburg, including a major mural funded by the Treasury Relief Art Project in 1936. 18 other paintings by Mr. Schweinsburgh depict various stages of the pottery-making process.
December 13, 2009 - THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY of the MUSEUM BUILDING- An afternoon of music, lectures, food and fun celebrating the construction of the old Post Office in 1909, which was converted into the Museum of Ceramics in 1980. Lecture by Cleveland architect David H. Ellison, AIA. Mr. Ellison discussed the Beaux Arts style and construction of the building in the context of local and national events of 1909. Mr. Ellison is regional President of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America. Special Celtic music was presented by harpist Allison Miller. Ms. Miller trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glascow. The Museum was also presented with a special Commendation from the Ohio Senate in honor of the event--click  here to view it.

October 31, 2009 - FRIGHT NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM - a showing of the horror movie "The Manster" and our first nighttime tour

Fall 2009 Historic Lecture Series
  • Seagrove: The town of 100 Potters (Jeffrey E. Hendrickson, Museum of Ceramics Foundation)
  • Vacant to Vibrant: Old Buildings, New Museums (Mr. Beverly Moseley, Chief Exhibits Designer, OHS)
2nd ANNUAL FALL FUN FIESTA - October 10, 2009 - over 75 children and adults particated in a celebration of clay. We unveiled our new potters wheel, and provided crafts, games, clay animation movies, and food for kids of all ages. Jeff Hendrickson also brought out his collection of unusual automata and wooden toys.

Spring 2009 Historic Lecture Series
  • Decades of Decals: A History of The Commercial Decal Company (Sarah Webster Vodrey, Director, Museum of Ceramics)
  • Hidden Beauties: New Treasures from Museum of Ceramics Collections (Sarah Webster Vodrey, Director, Museum of Ceramics)
FALL FUN FIESTA - October 2008 - Games, crafts and treats for kids of all ages, along with a display of fascinating wooden toys and automata by Jeff Hendrickson.

Fall 2008 Historic Lecture Series
  • George Morley's Majolica (Bill & Donna Gray)
  • The Lion and the Unicorn--English Symbols in East Liverpool Backstamps (Sarah Webster Vodrey, Director, Museum of Ceramics)
June 2008 Ohio Valley China Collectors Convention Lectures
  • The Museum of Ceramics: Then and Now (Sarah Webster Vodrey, Director, Museum of Ceramics)
  • From Collector to Author (Jo Cunningham)
May 31, 2008: Party celebrating 28th Anniversary of the Museum's Opening

Fall 2007 Historic Lecture Series
  • Rockingham Treasures of the Museum (Dr. David Schwartz)
  • Painted Treasures of the Museum (Sarah Webster Vodrey)
  • Art Deco Treasures of the Museum (Bill Gray)
  • Handpainted Treasures of the Museum (Sarah Webster Vodrey)
June 2007 Ohio Valley China Collectors Convention Lectures
  • Collecting Hall China (Dave Preston)
Spring 2007 Historic Lecture Series
  • The 150th Anniversary of the Vodrey Potteries (Sarah Webster Vodrey)
  • The History of W.C. Bunting Company (Patrick O'Hara)
  • The Story of William Bloor (William C. Hogue, III)
  • East Liverpool Potteries and the Expositions (Sarah Webster Vodrey)
Fall 2006 Historic Lecture Series
  • Keramos Connections: Who Was Related to Whom in 19th Century East Liverpool (Joan Witt)
  • The World of Tea: 18th Century China to a 21st Century Herbal Tea Farm (Dante Tropea)
  • Of Shaving Mugs and Swans: Tiny Treasures of the Museum of Ceramics (Sarah Webster Vodrey)
  • How to Speak Better Hoopie: A Venture into Local Dialect (Fred Miller)
June 2006 Ohio Valley China Collectors Convention Lecture
  • The Viktor Schreckengost Dinnerware Legacy (Jo Cunningham)
Spring 2006 Historic Lecture Series
  • Harker Pottery: From Rockingham and Yellow ware to Modern (William and Donna Gray)
  • The History of China (Catherine S. Vodrey)
  • East Liverpool Memories (Dr. Herschel Rubin)
  • Whiteware Treasures of the Museum (Sarah Webster Vodrey)

Fall 2005 Historic Lecture Series

  • Sturgis House: From Gangster to Grandeur (Frank C. Dawson)
  • Loghurst: 200 years in the Valley (Laura Zeh)
  • Pottery Capital of the Nation? East Liverpool versus Trenton (Sarah Webster Vodrey)
  • The Architecture of East Liverpool (Scott Shepherd)

Spring 2005 Historic Lecture Series

  • Reflections of our Black History and Heritage (Theodore Spencer)
  • My Son William Holmes McGuffey: His Life, His Times (Cathi Keenan)
  • Cartwright Connections: The 125th Anniversary of Cartwright Brothers Pottery (Joan Witt)
  • The History of The Homer Laughlin China Company (David Conley)
  • Political Grave Robbery: The Confederacy and George Washington (William F. B. Vodrey)

Fall 2004 Historic Lecture Series

  • The Regional Impact of the War of 1812 (Jeffrey E. Hendrickson)
  • Will Thompson: His Life and Music (Sarah Webster Vodrey, speaker/singer; William Richards, accompanist)
  • The Liverpool Tigers: Company A of 115th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Timothy R. Brookes)
  • Rails of Dreams: Railroads of Western Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio (Wayne Cole)


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